sweater number three

Sweater number three is done!

Pattern: Anthropology Inspired Capelet
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Bulky in Fragrant

I bought this yarn from the MadelineTosh Etsy shop. It's so soft and the colorway is gorgeous. However, I had a major problem with it. When I used up the first skein I wound another & went to attach it - and the yarn seemed thinner than the yarn I'd been knitting with. Sort of like a size 9 needle and size 8 needle are different sizes. Or even a 9 and a 7. It was very noticable. I pulled out the 3rd skein and that seemed to be the same thickness as skein #1 so I wound it up and used that one instead. Dye lot issues like my Saroyan shawl are one thing, but I've never heard of someone buying skeins of yarn from the same dye lot and getting such obvious differences in thickness. I need to email them....

Anyways, yarn weirdness aside this was a very quick knit and I love the finished results :)

I cast on the 49 stitches the pattern called for. I wasn't sure how to tell when to finish the Raglan Increases section, so I took some scrap yarn and measured around my arm. When I stopped increasing I had 28 stitches for each arm, but I think I should have gone 1 more row. Oh well.

After I split off the sleeves, I got through 2 rows before finishing my first skein. After I attached the second skein and knitted a row or two I realized that I should have knitted the sleeves before attaching the yarn to the body, so that I’d know exactly how much yarn I had to spare for the body of the sweater. Instead of ripping and un-attaching the yarn, I started knitting the sleeves using the other end of the yarn cake, and then went back and did the rest of the body.

On the sleeves I added 4 rows of stockinette before the 5 rows of ribbing that the pattern called for. For the body of the sweater, I knitted 15 rows of stockinette before switching to the 5 rows of ribbing. I have a tiny bit of yarn leftover, enough for at least 1 row but I didn't want to make the sweater too long.

I have 2 ends to weave in (oh Sarah, where are you?) and then I need a button or clasp or something to close the sweater with. Or not, I need to ask my Monday Panera group if I can wear the sweater open. Hey, everyone needs a fashion committee ;)

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