Sarah came to visit me again, and this time she brought her husband too :)

They arrived in NY last Friday afternoon. I cooked dinner (because how often does one go to a Shabbat meal in Arkansas) and invited 2 couples from the neighborhood and a friend from GN. I figured this way, Sarah & Chris wouldn't be the only "new" people since the GN friend was new to the RP friends. Also, T is from Nebraska originally, so S&C weren't the only non-NY-ers.

One of the dinner guests also has a motorcycle, and he was in an accident on Friday! He has a broken something but is otherwise okay.

Saturday S&C went to Manhattan while I cleaned the kitchen and mostly hung out on the couch. :D

Sunday I introduced S&C to the NYC bus system. Gotta love the unlimited ride metrocards! We took a bus to the express subway stop since the local was closed in the direction we needed. We got out of the subway @ 63rd and since it was on the way we stopped in to String (65th @ Madison) for literally 5 minutes. We could've taken the 6 but the M3 up Madison Ave was much more scenic, and I pointed out my high school as we passed by.

The Met was SO fun. We started in the Egyptian wing. It's incredible to look at stuff that's 3000+ years old. I'm amazed that they even know it's that old! We tried the 2pm 'Highlights of the Museum' tour but it wasn't our taste, so we ditched that. I was really into finding the Van Goghs and S&C indulged me :) Along the way we found a special exhibit on Picasso, which was so inspiring to see. We found the 19th century impressionists eventually and I decided that it's my favorite kind of painting. I LOVE the happy colors. I also decided Van Gogh's my favorite artist. I got a couple of posters of his art for my apartment, and since they had a buy 2 get 1 free deal on the posters, S&C picked a Monet poster.

Lunch was good, we went back to Ozu on the UWS. Mostly because it was near Cafe Lalo. S&C are obsessed with You've Got Mail, and S loved the cafe. Then we walked around some part of Riverside Park that was in YGM. We hit a Starbucks & then caught the subway home to meet T. Her first time at my apartment! I think it got a good review, it was hard to tell :) After some super quick showers - I love that Sarah's as OCD as I am! - we went to a diner a couple of blocks away for dinner.

Monday - on Sunday C invited us out to Fire Island, and S&C had expressed interest in going to the beach, so that's where we went Monday. I had fun, and I think S&C did too. My friend from GN that was at dinner Friday went with us also.

I started a toe-up sock with some KP Felici yarn.

Tuesday I went back to work & S&C went back to Manhattan. At night we went to see the Yankees play the Orioles. Of course my Yankees won :)

Wednesday S&C had their concert at night, so I played softball. Thursday morning I dropped them off at JFK to fly to Boston. All I can say is that Jen'd better treat 'em right up in Boston! lol

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