I made another Anthropologie Inspired Capelet. It's really cute! I just picked up a button for it yesterday at Knit, but here it is buttonless:

It's my favorite color combination: Green and Purple.
The yarn is some Colinette Graffiti I got on sale from Knit. All the yarn was about $35, which isn't bad for a sweater. And OMG it is super cute with a tank top and jeans.

Now that I'm knitting sweaters, I decided to finally knit the Lotus Blossom Tank I'd been wanting to make since last summer. I gathered my supplies and headed to Knit yesterday on my 1/2 day off work to cast on, which worked out very well. I didn't swatch because I never do - swatching hasn't been very accurate for me in the past so why bother? Anyways, Ellen helped me determine the size I'd need (the 39" bust size), whereas I'd have assumed the size smaller & been WRONG. Lol. I cast on and started knitting, and at about row 5 I realized I could much-too-easily slip the sweater-in-progress over my head, and then go swimming in it. Ellen said it was no good. So I packed up my sweater & went to run errands. I'll try again later.

Tuesdays at Knit are really jumping, I found out. Both tables were completely full of knitters. At my table, 2 women were working on the same scarf from crocheting in color and 2 were knitting the same sweater from a Sublime booklet. One other person was working on the Clapotis scarf in Koigu that a bunch of other Knit Patrons had already made. It seemed like a lot of people were working on the same projects and helping each other out, which was really nice to see.

Anyways, after I left Knit I met up with my friend T and taught her how to knit. Then we went to an Israeli Dance class at our shul, which was SO FUN. I am a terrible dancer in the real world, but Israeli Dancing I am good at :) It was the last class before a break until after Tisha B'av for the 3 weeks, so they were going over all the dances they'd already learned and T & I were trying to follow along. Sadly, T and I were already better than 1 person in the class, despite not knowing the dances & just following along. It was really fun, although some of the ones with a lot of turns I sat out & watched, they're a little hard to follow blind.

T might come to my knitting group tomorrow for followup knitting instruction. I think I hooked her with the Pi Shawl - she's a math nut.

This morning I was thinking: I should pick up some cheap yarn to practice the Lotus Blossom Tank pattern on, and then knit the real thing on the good stuff. I might hit Michaels on the way to softball and use my 20% off coupon...

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