the continuing saga...

The continuing saga called "Where the hell is my mail???"

I was expecting my sock club shipment to arrive this weekend, so I checked my mail twice on Friday, once yesterday, and even again this morning in case I missed the mailman yesterday. The only time I left my apartment building since about 8pm Thursday was lunchtime Friday to run some errands (it is WAY too hot out for me).

This morning I saw my neighbor leaving the elevator as I was heading upstairs from the laundry room, and she tells me to ring her apartment because they have some mail for me. Her husband tells me that the package has been sitting out since Friday evening so Saturday morning they took it in for me, because he doesn't like leaving mail out overnight. And that this morning he was going to ring my doorbell.

I've been home the whole time!!! And I would've seen a package Friday because I went downstairs after 5 to double-check if the mail came late.

I told him I was home the whole time but didn't necessarily leave, and thanked him for taking it in. Um, maybe next time he could ring my doorbell when he sees the package out there? Sigh.

To recap, the possible places for me to find my mail now include:
My mailbox
A slip to go to the postoffice
The Super
The Porter (assistant Super)
My neighbor

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