A knitting conundrum

Okay knitters, I need some help please.

My cousin Eytan taught me how to play Settlers recently, and it's my new favorite game.  He has also (recently) become one of my favorite cousins, because we've been hanging out a lot and I've come to realize that we make good friends (in addition to being cousins), but that's another story. 

Eytan likes to bring his games when he visits friends, or when we go on Shabbatons, or to Thanksgiving, or basically anywhere.  He devised a series of ziplock bags to neatly pack away his Settlers so that he doesn't have to  schlep the box everywhere, yet all the pieces are sorted precisely.  And you thought I was OCD, lol.  Anyways, I told him I'd knit him a nice bag for his game for Chanukah, and unlike most of my family, he was properly thrilled at the offer of a handknit.

So I both need to and want to do a spectacular job of it- because I like him, and want to thank him for teaching me the game, but also because he'll be properly appreciative even if it sucks.

The idea first came up in August, and I still haven't picked or designed a pattern and gotten down to it.  The family Chanukah party is the 25th, so I have 10 days to sit down and do this thing... which is okay, but I need to get going!

First up: the Fiona bag. Probably in Lion Brand's Cotton Ease.
I really want to make one - it's been in my queue for Ages, ever since I saw the one Spinningmaid made for HSKS54
I like the style, and I think he will also

Not a pattern I am familiar with already - might take a long time to knit up.
Not Felted - the game has small pieces that might slip through the stitches.  Lining is beyond my abilities at this point, so he'd have to have smaller bags to hold the little pieces inside.

Option 2: Quinn Cabled Bag
I've knitted it before
It is GORGEOUS and he will love it
It's a simple silhouette so I will have no trouble lining it.

It took me 4-6 weeks to make the other one, and I have 10 days.  But it'll go faster now that I've practiced, right? lol

Option 3: Ripple Me This
Never made one before but it looks simple enough...
Interesting architecture (ripples)

Not sure if I want to make him a felted bag anymore, because will it be "less impressive" to a non-knitter?
What if it takes forever to knit?

Options 4&5: Satchel and Maple, Knitty's felted messenger bags
Also felted
I've done 2 maples, they are quick and easy and have gotten good reviews

See Ripple Me's "less-impressive" concern

Now I kinda wish I started a Quinn in August.... Anyways, which do you think I should do?  Or, any other pattern suggestions?

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setembrina said...

i would do a the simple satchel first and then do the quinn cable bag for him for a birthday gift or a 'because you are special' gift.

that is my thought, hope it helps you but more than likely not.

and i had better not see you hanging out when you should be knitting.