am i too sensitive?

So we're going bowling tonight after work as our departmental Holiday Party.  I'm the Local, so when one of my coworkers thought to organize dinner afterwards nearby so they don't all drive home drunk, she asked me for a recommendation.  My brother's brest friend's grandma owns 2 kosher restaurants (one meat and one dairy) in the shopping center next door to the bowling alley, so I sent her a link.

Then this morning they email me, "Oh look there's an Italian restuarant in the same place".  I told her she can come check out my Zagats (yes I have one at my desk and yes I use it), and I don't think I was being pushy, but I mentioned that we should try Deli King because it's good, "it's like Ben's Deli" I told her - Ben's  we've been to before, and I've actually been there whereas the other one we'd just be trusting Zagat's, and they got Good not Spectacular reviews.

So she says to me (and she's really a nice person), "Well I've never been to a kosher restaurant".
"What about Ben's."
"Well yeah.  But I mean, what if someone wants to order a hamburger and get cheese on their hamburger.  You can't get that at a kosher restaurant."
I was kinda flabergasted, that the possibility of wanting cheese on a burger would nulify the possibility of going to a kosher restuarant.
"Well they have other things, like Pastrami," then I blanked on stereotypical examples to give, "and other kosher food.  If we went to a Thai place you couldn't order a cheeseburger either."

I really don't think cheeseburgers are a good reason not to go for kosher food, but hey I've never had one before so I could be wrong....


setembrina said...

sweetie, i am from wisconsin and i do not eat cheeseburgers.

i just think you two had strong ideas of where each one wanted to eat. but she should know who eats kosher and who does not by not.

hugs to you!!!!!!

Esme said...

Too sensitive? No. In the unfortunate position of educating the ignorant? Yes.

Shelvicious said...

You can't order cheeseburgers at most italian restaurants either.