happy chanukah

To follow up with my last post - we ended up going to Deli King.  I gave another coworker a lift after the bowling because she didn't have a car, and she was also nervous about what to order.  I guess kosher restaurants are intimidating/nerve wracking? Who knew.  Which leads me to this PSA:

In a Kosher restaurant, like any other restaurant whose cuisine you are unfamiliar with, you are always safe ordering off the menu.  

Just don't be difficult and start asking for things not on the menu (like swiss on your Pastrami sandwich) or you will look like an idiot.  Same as any other restaurant, right?  Anyways, I was prepared to save anyone from potential mortification but they did fine.  And everyone enjoyed their meal.

Happy Chanukah everyone!


 I'm kinda screwed on the Chanukah knitting front.  I realized last night I need to finish
- 2 hats (Mia and Uncle D)
- 6 scarves (CH, Uncle R, Dan, Gabe, Jason and possibly Lizzie)
- 2 dreidel dishcloths (Grandma and Aunt L)
- 2 more Divine hats for Patricia and Noemi
- a Settlers case for Eytan

The deadlines:
Thursday - 1 scarf, 2 hats, 1 Settlers case, 2 dreidel dishcloths
Friday - 5 scarves

Monday - 2 divine hats
I knocked out a scarf and half a dishcloth last night.  Would you believe the dishcloth pattern is wrong?  The Nun is backwards.  Sigh.  I'm not ripping though, I'm going to re-chart the pattern and drop the stitches and pick them back up to fix the Nun.  Ok yeah, that's going to go well!

If I do 1 hat and 1 dishcloth today, 1 hat and 1 dishcloth tomorrow, and the Settlers case Wednesday I will just make it in time...  Wish me luck!

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silly sarahs said...

Kim good luck on the knitting front. I myself decided since my family xmas is Jan 11 not to even start yet... just keep casting on new stuff