Stitches (part 2...)

Friday morning, I woke up at 5:45 because my feet were FREEZING - air matress, basement, you get the picture. I LOVE air matresses though so it was worth it!  Anyways, I couldn't fall back to sleep because I was way too excited for Stitches, so I pulled out my book.  Around 6 Teri came down and found me, and we went to wait for the lazy bums to wake up so we could go already!

Teri made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and at 9 we were ready to go.  Corey helped drive us all to the Light Rail station - another reason why we love him!  On the train we all pulled out our knitting - except Teri forgot hers - and got to work.  We met a bunch of other knitters going to Stitches, and Jennifer even taught an impromptu sock/magic loop lesson to our car.

Once at Stitches we split up into 2 parties.  Jen and Tess had to hit 3 Irish Girls right away, and Sarah wanted Jordana Paige right away.  She dragged the rest of us along ;)  On the way Sarah spotted some $3 skeins of dyeable sock yarn so we made a tiny detour, but then straight to JP!  Sarah talked Jen into a bag like hers, me into buying a messenger bag (the red and khaki color, not pink!)... and later Teri even got a bag.  Sarah had never met Jordana IRL before, but she'd founded the JP group on Ravelry and helped her out a lot... so Jordana gave her a bag as a gift.  Which was really sweet.  They were all mushy and stuff, so Jenifuh and I spent the rest of the weekend teasing Sarah... but it was really cute :)

Next we met up with Tess and Jen at 3IG - really the Yarn Love booth.  It's complicated.  Anyways, Tess and Jen got a crazy amount of yarn there and talked us all into buying some - like that was hard ;)  I got some "Delicate Aquamarine" sock yarn and talked Tess into more yarn for a Calorimetry - the Carson colorway, in worsted weight.
Delicate Aquamarine from Ravelry

Next Jenifuh and I went to the Cocoknits/Three Black Sheep booth and bought the Malabrigo Loafers pattern and Lamb's Pride Bulky to knit it up.

We breaked for lunch, and went upstairs to find Carma and crew. Meeting Carma was fun, she wasn't like I expected from her online persona - she defied my New Yorker expectations, in a very good way.  Centy, on the other hand, was pretty much exactly like she is online (=awesome! ROAR Gryffindor indeed :).  Centy brought a friend from S&B, Heather.  I don't think I'd chatted with L to the F before, and I am very glad that changed this weekend.

Carma brought lunch for everyone from her Cafe, and O.M.G. it was amazing.  There were these Sesame Noodles that were really, really yummy, and we are STILL waiting to see a recipe for ;)  Then I had an Apples Alexander - Apples, Honey, some kinda cheese on a toasted roll.  It's like apple strudel in a roll instead of annoyingly flaky pastry - SO GOOD.  And then there were cookies too.  The Pink Dalmations have a well-deserved reputation for amazingness.  I tried a piece of Erika's macaroon and even though it was coconut, which I usually hate, even that was delicious.

After lunch we hit Webs (I got some Berroco Cuzco and Jasper and an Addi needle), and then a lot of other booths.  At 4 Jenifuh decided she'd had enough, and went back to Teri's with me.  Corey picked us up at the Light Rail (see what I mean? he's the best!), and we hung out at Teri's.  I talked Jen into a corned beef sandwhich for dinner, and then Corey and Jen attempted to teach me to suck less at Pool in Teri's basement.  We tried a normal game, and then "Three Ball".  Progress was made, but I still suck - just less.

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