Stitches! (part 1...)

You know how most of the time, when you spend tons of time planning and preparing for and waiting for an event, it's usually a big disappointment in the end? Or at least it doesn't live up to expectations? Yeah, so Stitches was the exact opposite of that.

Two (of the three) owners of my LYS were driving down to Baltimore Thursday morning with a friend of theirs, and offered me a ride. Lots of knitting-related conversation :) I already knew I really liked my LYS ladies, but over 4 hrs I got to know them much better. I finished a Turn a Square hat (Brooklyn Tweed's pattern) en route.

We got in to B'more in 4 hours, and 30 minutes on the Light Rail later I was at BWI to meet Teri, Shewhoknits, and Svendel for the first time IRL. Svendel I recognized right away from some photos she showed us of her HS reunion. Teri and Jen were different than I imagined they'd be in person, but I knew exactly who they were when the car pulled up, 'cuz they were smiling really, really big like I was. Teri managed to smush my caravan of bags (only 4! lol) into her car and away we went!

Fyi, Teri's house is gorgeous. Plus, her husband built it, himself. And you thought the swift was impressive, right? (more on that in a bit).  We met the oldest Prince on his way out the door, and then Teri left Corey to entertain us while she went to collect Jen and her previously-unknown friend (Tess/Ginny).  We tried corrupting him, but Corey is just too awesome.  He frikkin unpacked the groceries, without being asked.

For dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse.  Dude, we need to get places like that to come to NY.

(L-R: Jenifir, me, Tess, Jenifuh, Sarah and Teri)
Then it was back to Teri's to knit (a LOT), watch the Office ("That's what she said, that's what she said, that's what she said!" - Pam), and 30 Rock ("That's not Oprah")

I think that was pretty much it for Thursday. Stay tuned for part 2, when we finally make it to Stitches and meet up with the rest of the Stitches Witches...

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once upon a sheep...now upon my needles said...

I am so glad that your meetup was a success and flattered that you wrote about me as the LYS ladies' friend!!!!!Hugs,