So I might be weird (okay I know I'm weird), but my favorite favorite favorite DPNs are the plastic Lion Brand DPNS.
  • They are relatively cheap
  • The plastic is the perfect combination of smooth for slip and non-metal for grip 
  • They are color co-ordinated.
The latter is a BIG part of why I love them.  All their size 5's are red.  When I'm looking for 5's, I stick my hand into the vase-like thingy that holds my DPNs between projects, and I pull out 5 red sticks.  No needle sizer required! I love not needing tools and stuff for knitting :)

Anyways, they aren't sold locally so on a lark I searched ebay. And found an auction the most confusing description EVER, but it looked like 7 sets were in the Lot.  So I bid and ended up as the winning (read: only) bidder, and thus spent $28 for:

TWELVE sets of Lion Brand DPNs! The rest was cake :-)

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Calliope said...

omg, you are completely set for life... :D I only ended up with one needle after my ebay search...