new socks and other things

Jessica sent me some very nice Knit Picks yarn and needles through the HSKS4 sock kit swap. I'm still not sure how she knew about my current Knit Picks obsession, or that I was seriously eyeing the Knit Picks Interchangeable needles. I don't think I blogged about them. But she figured me out, and I'm really loving the sock kit she sent me. I only held out 2 days before casting on my Ravenclaw Boot Socks. They are being knitted 2 at a time on 2 circular needles, so I'm almost done with the whole thing! I have a ridiculously awful case of SSS (=second sock syndrome), so the 2-at-a-time thing is pretty amazing. Plus, the yarn is Knit Picks Swish Superwash, a worsted weight, so they are going very fast besides. I need about 2 hours of knitting time at home to finish these socks - and I haven't found them yet. Must. Chat. Less!

My current train project is a baby hat, the same style as the hat I knit for Sarah but different yarn. There's pros and cons to this new yarn but the main con is lack of elasticity, and I'm not sure how the 2-color colorwork is going to work out. Hopefully it'll sort itself out on the way home tonight, which is when I start the color changes.

Coming up on the hook: a baby afghan for the other Kim at work. She's having twins (!!). She told us yesterday that she was only crocheting 1 blanket and her mom wasn't going to do any. Really how can you have 1 blanket for two babies?!? When they reach toddlerhood and carry their blankie, are they each supposted to lug around only a half a blankie? So I volunteered :D I've since reached out to the other knitters and crocheters at work, so maybe we'll all do squares or strips and make a collaborative afghan for Kim. Brian (Sarah's dad) already volunteered to help. He's pretty awesome regardless, but that makes him even awesomer in my book!

More on the 'ghan next week when things get started...

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