Ravenclaw Boot Socks
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Check it out - I finished my Ravenclaw Boot Socks! It only took me like a week to knit them, but they're in worsted weight Swish so that's nothing to brag about. I wore them already - soooo comfy! Almost makes me want to start the second start of the first sock I made. Hmm, maybe not.

I finished my train project last night! Let me tell ya, 2-color kniting on dpns is a little bit tricksy to manage on a train. There was no cursing involved though which was a good thing - when I turned around to stretch I noticed a guy in the row behind me watching me knit. We all know it's much more impressive to watch when the knitter isn't muttering under her breath ;)

Anyway, this is my Lavender Berry Hat:
2008-05-07 003

I started some Dashing Mitts on the needles I was using for the Ravenclaw Socks. Work is cold in the summer with all that AC, so it'll be nice to have "sleeves". Speaking of work, Kim showed me the baby afghan she wants us to crochet for the twins. She's going to do one, and I'll be doing the other. The good news is that she said she's getting the yarn - not necessary since I volunteered to make the 'ghan, but definitely appreciated. Especially if she wants more than Caron Baby Soft - my go-to baby 'ghan yarn since it's so soft and washable. The bad news is that she picked the pattern and it 8 gazillion little motifs to sew together. Okay maybe just 81 motifs, but I. Hate. Sewing. And finishing. Le sigh.