knit picks, ravelry love and bag design

My Knitpicks order came in Tuesday! Squee!! So now I have all the yarn I need to finish my Princess Mitts and Ravenclaw socks. Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

I actually worked on the Ravenclaw socks a little this week, finished the cuff and got to the part where I need to actually use both colors in the same row. I've only done one other project like that - the bag I knit for HSKS4. It came out good, but I had to be really careful about holding the yarns loosely, and it didn't look perfect to me until it was felted. I'm not felting these socks. We'll see how crazy I get trying to make it perfect.

Some of my Knit Picks order was new needles. I don't have a lot of sock needles, so I ordered the set of sock-sized Harmony DPNs. The metal DPNs I got from Joann's tend to slide around and I'm really paranoid about losing them. I also got some 0 and 1.5 circular needles to try the 2-socks-on-2-circs method with fingering weight yarn. The Susan Bates size 2's were a bad call - the cord is too stiff. Anyway, I was really excited to try out the toe-up pattern that Enid/Jessica sent me for HSKS4... but one of the needles is really sticky. Wtf?!? I tried handsoap with no luck, now I gotta scan the Rav boards and see if other people had this problem - and how to fix it.

I also got some lace yarn in - Shadow. The price is right ($2.50 a skein) and I'd like to wear shawls on shabbat, I think they'd look great with some of my skirts. On Ravelry you can browse what projects people have made with each yarn, and I found a really nice looking Laminaria shawl, so I clicked through. Imagine my surprise when I saw the knitter who made it is Akabori. I met Diane at the end of April in School Products in NYC. A couple of patrons in the store were speaking French, so of course I started talking to them right? The convo switched to English because I wasn't 100% sure how to say "Most awesome, incredible, amazing website ever" in French ;) and Diane overheard me gushing about Ravelry... so now I have a new Ravelry friend that I also know IRL. :-D

/*There's mold growing on the inside of my water bottle. Eeeeeew! Ok back to the regularly scheduled blog post*/

So this week besides knitting the Ravenclaw sock sloooowly, I also finished the base of my 3rd attempt for the HSKS bag design challenge. It's going to be felted - shocker right? I really need to let go of the felting and MOVE ON. Sigh. Maybe next week :D


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see your bag design :)

Morrighan said...

Sticky? I echo the WTF? I didn't notice that, and I tested them before I sent them...(just screwing the tips on to the cords to make sure none of them were defective)

Call KnitPicks and tell them about it. Maybe they will replace them. If not, let me know and I will call them since I was the one that originally ordered them.