Despite the snow, an hour ago an adorable little owl tapped its beak on my window. I didn't even catch his name before he flew off - he absolutely loved the snow - but he had an unbelievable package for me from Selina/ZTAgirlknits!

The little socks are so cute. I'm 90% sure I have a skein of the purple yarn (from Hobby Lobby, right?) so obviously the color is a hit too :) And I love love love the mini knitting bag!

Selina sent tons of little goodies:

Check out the house unity teabags! And the hot chocolate with chili sounds yummy :) And new Potter magnets for my collection! And the Slytheriny stitchmarkers - you probably can't see how awesome they are, but one even has a dragon.

Thanks Selina! I hope the package you receive is as excellent as the one you sent me.

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