ravelympics report - day 5

Some of you may recall from Thursday's post...
Proposed project schedule:
2/12-2/14 Traveling Woman & Citron
2/15 - both Divine hats
2/16 - 2/18 - the Elegant Ribbed Stockings
2/19 - 2/21 - FLS
2/22 - 2/25 - Bella's Mitts
2/25 - 2/28 - Maple and Wrenna

So far I am way off the pace. Sigh.
Saturday night I worked on the Slouchy Hat and Traveling Woman.

The Slouchy hat came with me to Chavi's to watch The Wiz with some friends. OMG. That movie is nothing like the play and very trippy to watch. Anyways, the hat is coming along just fine - except it's not slouchy. I started on the recommended size 6 needle, but I went up to a 7 instead of the 8 the pattern calls for because I usually knit loosely. Well anyways, end result = no slouch. By Sunday afternoon I was up to the decreases for the top, but I decided Monday that I need to rip back about 30 rows and use the size 8s the pattern calls for. Oh well, lesson learned!

The Traveling Woman was coming along fine... until I hit row 9 of the second repeat of the lace chart A, and realized that in the first repeat I'd used row 9 of the lace chart B the first time through. Majorly demoralizing! Sunday my friend Emm1e talked me through it. It's not a glaring mistake, and I'm just repeating it in each repeat of Chart A so it looks uniform (because I'm OCD).

Anyways, right now I'm up to the 4th repeat of chart A. I'm doing 4 or 5 repeats of A before the single repeat of B (and binding off). I hope to be done tomorrow, realistically by the weekend is do-able.

Yesterday I crocheted about 1.5 divine hats. I started one on the Subway to Manhattan, where I met O to do a mini yarn-crawl. That would be the .5 - because I dropped the hook on the way home, and although I wrapped it in napkins and will wash it thoroughly before using it again, there was simply no way I was going to use it unwashed.

The yarn crawl was awesome! It was great to see O!! We went to School Products first, where I got some lace yarn for a reworked Citron (the original yarn choice is not a good fit). O got some cashmere that I won't talk about b/c it's for people. Then we both got 1lb cones of Jute (yellow for me, Navy for O) to make these cute crocheted bags - there was a sample in the store and the lyso told me how to recreate it.

Next we walked downtown to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. Despite the lowbrow rep that Lion Brand Yarns might have, it's really really really worth a trip. O got some LB Baby Alpaca, and we both got some of the LB Wool with Stainless Steel to try different projects - knitted scarf for O, crocheted necklace for me. I also picked up a couple things for my Reducio package - house unity stitchmarkers and a mini sock blocker keychain.

Monday night was the big Ravelympics meetup slash hat race at Panera. It was fun!! R finished a Ravelympics project already - a very pretty Ear Sweater in blues and black. B and M brought WIPs to show us. Ph finished a Divine Hat-inspired cowl she is designing called - what else? - Intervention! Lol. Ch wasn't doing the Ravelympics thing, but she brought a Sock Monkey to work on.

M, Ph, B and I all worked on Divine Hats, and although M and I came close (under 2 rows left) nobody finished theirs before leaving Panera. I finished mine quickly after arriving home, so I present my Ravelympics 2010 Team Uniform:

This morning I logged onto Ravelry to find that I had been awarded a medal for finishing the Hat Half-Pipe!!!

Ravthletes are also awarded a special Ravatar:

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