ravelympics training

Ravelympics to do list:
Write up project schedule
Print out all patterns (in duplicate)
Pull Ravelympics yarn from stash (so it's easy to find)
Arrange for period well-being checks from a local knitter (because a non-knitter might miss-interpret the yarnbarf and have me committed)
Grocery store: stock up on hot chocolate, tangerines, bread, honey and peanut butter.

Ravelympics project list (so far):
February Lady Sweater in Nashua Focus Superwash - Emerald Green (b-day gift from Gryffinitter!)
Wrenna in Rowan Biggy Print - hot pink
Citron in BMFA STR Rare Gem - purple/red
Maple (possibly more than 1) in Chaco - colors tbd
Bella's Mitts in Louet Riverstone - Aqua
Elegant Ribbed Stockings in Louet Gems Worsted - Neptune
Traveling Woman in Dream In Color Stardust - Firefrost
Divine Hat (2+) in Chaco - colors tbd

On the fence:
Arden in WOTA Bulky - Red and Black
I bought the kit and want to knit it, but I worry that the colorwork will slow me down too much.

I am SO excited for the Ravelympics, it's not even funny. Of course I tell non-knitters I am excited for the Olympics but I really mean Ravelympics. Although I do like watching the Olympics on TV. I'm especially looking forward to the Cross Country Skiing, because I just started doing it last year and I love it. So I want to see how the pros do it, because I'm sure I'm doing it wrong, lol. And of course the Figure Skating, Snow Boarding, and Skiing are great to watch. Especially the Figure Skating!

As for strategy, I think I should get a few projects out of the way before I hit the February Lady Sweater. The Divine Hats, Stockings, Maple, and Bella's Mitts are the most portable so I'll save those for when I am out of the house. I also want to have FLS be my first sweater, so I think I will start with Traveling Woman and Citron the first weekend, then do the FLS, and anchor my big projects with Wrenna - which is Super Bulky and should be good for the final stretch.

Proposed project schedule:
2/12-2/14 Traveling Woman & Citron
2/15 - both Divine hats
2/16 - 2/18 - the Elegant Ribbed Stockings
2/19 - 2/21 - FLS
2/22 - 2/25 - Bella's Mitts
2/25 - 2/28 - Maple and Wrenna

Ok, I just re-read that. I might be insane...

ETA: Crap! I forgot the Slouchy Hat with Picot Edge. Um... maybe I'll do that this weekend also. Because, you know, 2 shawls aren't enough.

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Sandy said...

You're crazy! If I knew about Citron (and the bag kit), maybe we could have Ravelympics'd them together. I've wanted to knit them for a while now... Good luck! I'm sticking with my pair of socks ;)