My friend Rochel crochets and wants to learn to knit so I offered to teach her, and from there we kinda decided to start a Stitch and Bitch with our friends. So last night 6 of us met in J2, and I taught 4 friends how to knit. Shaina already kinda knew how to knit, but also not enough people told me to bring them needles so I ran out. It was a great success though, everyone seemed to like it and plan to come back next week!

I've been meaning to teach those friends to knit for ages, so I am glad to finally make progress on that :)

I cast on the 2nd sock of my Burning Pyres socks last night... but this morning I crunched 2 of my 6 knitpicks DPNs.  Notice the blondwood dpn - that's from a Brittany set :(  I need to place another KP order... but in the meantime I am making progress on my socks anyways!

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