vineyard day one

Martha's Vineyard is so much fun!

Yesterday we caught the 10:45 ferry to the Island.  Sat outside on deck, in the sun... might've gotten a little sunburned, but it's all good :)

Willie, our cab driver, graciously answered my bazillion questions about how to pronounce the town names (Katama = kuh tame uh, Aquinnah... shoot I forgot that one already! lol).  We found the house easily, got a little settled, and headed to Edgartown for lunch. 

Edgartown is really cute!  L recommended a sandwich shop named Humphrey's, and on our way over we passed an impromptu a cappella performance - The Vineyard Sound advertising their show that night.  Shaina was really hungry, and thought to distract me from the a capella by pointing out a needlepoint shop.  LOL!  They dragged me out by promising to return after lunch.  Humphrey's was great, HUGE sandwiches (and yummy too ;).  I got a small project to work on this trip, and Howard got one for his grandmother. 

After Edgartown we went back to the house, and bicycled into Vineyard Haven.  It's a very nice, flat ride... it didn't feel like 7 miles at all.  My bike had a problem just as we got into town, but there's bike places everywhere, so we went into one (Craig's fyi, in case you ever need), and he fixed us right up.  For $3.  $3 buys you nothing in NY, so this was kinda awesome :D  Howard wanted to go to the Bunch of Grapes bookstore, then we got ice cream at Scoops and headed back to the house.  It took us 30 minutes, no kidding!  Maybe it's the water here, bicycling was never this fun/easy.

Last night we went to the Vineyard Sound concert.  They were so good.  The music was excellent, but they really put on a show, with lots of things going on visually onstage, acting, dancing, and comedic pantomime.  Not "just singing", like most a capella I've heard.

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