softball again

OMG we WON last night! Our first win of the season!  Sarah called me right after the win and I might've been a little hysterical/screechy, but we really do suck and it was a GREAT game. 

I hit onto base twice!  Of course I was running my butt off and not watching the ball, but they must've *sucked* at fielding my hits because I am a slow runner and I didn't hit it out of the infield of anything.  I also got a walk, and made it home that time, running!

Each team had to take an automatic out at the end of our lineup because we only had 4 girls, and needed to have 5.  Our automatic out was after Dan, so if he came up with 2 outs I was supposed to run home because the inning was going to be over anyways.  The first time I hit onto base, I stopped at 3rd instead of running home because I didn't know about the automatic out.  I don't think I could've made it anyway, the pitcher had the ball and would've thrown me out.  But the second time, after my walk, the 3b coach was telling me to stop running and the ball was on the other side of the field!  So I ran home, and the runner after me got home, but the dude after him got tagged at 3rd.  It was a crucial two runs though :)

We lost our second game, but it was still a good, evenly-matched game. I struck out (I think twice), but I also got a really solid (for me) hit to shortstop.  With bases loaded.  Sucks that he caught it, to end the inning.

The league is co-ed, and you need to have evenly divided infields and outfields.  So it's always a guy pitching and girl catching, then shortstop and a base are dudes and the other 2 are chics, and we play 2 and 2 in the outfield.  The guys like to "cover" our positions a little too much, but I am finding that if I talk the the guys nearby before the inning starts, and explain that I know what to do in the case of this or that play, they are slightly less likely to cover me unnecesarily.  Slightly. 

Jess and I are going to practice and make sure that if they aren't over-covering us we can actually step up and field well on our own terms.

Oh PS, minimal leg pain today!  I am so loving Softball :)

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