sock progress

I'm up to the heel gusset on my Luna socks, but I'm not feeling it. Or maybe I just have caston-itis. Anyways I really wasn't feeling the Luna sock vibe this morning, and my Inside Out socks are at the point where I need to try them on a lot... so I cast on new socks.

The pattern: Leafling, a Socks That Rock club pattern that I picked up at MDS&W '09.
The yarn: STR MW mill end, purchased at the BMFA website sale of 12/31. The 3rd skein from the top (or 2nd from the bottom)

The yarn is about 1/2 leaf green and 1/2 yellows (from golden yellow to yellow-green), with a splash of dead-leaf-brown thrown in. I'm calling it "First Signs of Autumn" in an effort not to hate the yellowness.

In other news, Gryffinitter talked me into signing up for the Reducio mini sock swap. It's only fair considering how many Ravelry-related things I've talked her into, plus she's always telling me about the swap and the people in it and how fun it is. It should be a good time.

The theme of this round is house unity... I hope I get a Hufflepuff to mail to, because I now have the perfect green-and-yellow yarn to use for a mini sock...

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