if luna were a gryffindor

I worked in Manhattan yesterday, so I made a lot of subway-knitting progress on my sock:

The Pattern is Luna's Moonlight Socks by Ann Kingstone. I got on a kick last weekend after my brother and cousin came to visit, and had a very strong urge to knit this pattern. The Ravelry photo shows a midnight blue (shaded solid?) sock but I didn't have a similar color, so I stash dove and found a skein of Kettle Dyed Essential (in Wine) from last month's Knitpicks order. I figure Luna hangs out with enough Gryffindors in DA that she can pull off a pair of Gryff-colored socks ;)

I am loving the pattern, and the yarn makes me very frustrated. It's really nice to knit up, but the "Kettle Dye" translated into a mostly-solid sock with dark stripes every so often, which make the sock look wrinkled, no?

Last night I was going to hit Gotham Fine Yarn after work but they posted on Ravelry that they'd be closed, so I went to Seaport yarn in search of Louet Gems in Worsted Weight... which they did not have. They did have some other, very reasonably priced (!!!) yarn - so I got a skein of beautiful purple sock yarn, and Arauncia Ranco in dark blue for another pair of Luna socks - I did mention I love the pattern, didn't I? Also picked up a set of square dpns to try.

Wednesday night, I discovered, there is a Knitting Circle at Seaport Yarns. I was too tired to go straight home so I sat down and started working on my sock. Two cool things happened then:
- Every single person (all 5) said that they really liked Ann's sock pattern! I'm looking forward to passing that along to her :)
- One of the people knitting there lives about 5 blocks away from me in Queens, so she and I took the subway home together and had a nice chat about knitting.

As a reward for making it all the way through this post, the very pretty skein of sock yarn:

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