what's up

I should probably post more regularly.

Listening to: Pandora (when I have internet), Kelly Clarkson's Stronger CD and Glee Volume 7 when I don't (on the subway)

Drinking: Stash's decaf pumpkin spice tea. It's not bad! I did not have high expectations and they have been surpassed.

Watching: How I Met Your Mother (on Netflix), A Very Potter Musical (on youtube, finally! thanks NNS), and Dr Who (when I can force myself). My DVR is fighting a losing battle for my attention with Google+ Hangouts.

Knitting: lots and lots of stockinette :( :( :( My OWL sweater is boring the snot out of me, and I'm working on a stockinette chemo cap for Christa's Granddad, in a sportweight yarn because they needed a more lightweight hat. On the plus side, I'm bringing it to Movie Night with Mom tonight so I'll definitely hit the decreases tonight: the end is near!

Reading: lots of fiction books on my Kindle Fire. It is SO much better than my old Sony e-Reader, for mostly 1 reason: wifi. I love not having to plug in to my computer to transfer files. And I can watch Netflix streaming video in bed when I am going to sleep! Win all around.

- mishloach manot (because Purim is SOON)
- gotta knit a cat
- tunisian crochet messenger bag to finish out my OWL
- contemplating moving, and therefore decluttering so that I will have less to move. even if I don't move, decluttering would be a great thing.

and that's the 5 minute update!

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