tentative hallows plan

Elder Wand:
  • Choose an Unstoppable Ravelry Pattern
  • Make a project you’ve made before so you know you can make it again.
  • Show other ways that having the Elder Wand empowers you

I might do
Owling (option 1 and 3)
Mara (option 2)

Resurrection Stone
  • Take a second attempt at making an UGH project.
  • Reclaim a project (UGH, unfinished or otherwise) and give the yarn a new life.
  • Give life to a vintage pattern! (Vintage in this case = 1986 or older)
  • Pay respect to a great crafter who has gone on before us.
  • Give a Face to a faceless Ravelry pattern by crafting a pattern that no featured project photo.
I might do
an EZ pattern

Invisibility Cloak
  • Make something in House Colors to blend in among the movie goers!

  • Make a shawl or cape of at least 300 yards.

I might do
Any Wollmeise shawlette

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