harry potter christmas

Since I had a half day Thursday and Friday off, we decided to have Harry Potter Shabbos dinner on Xmas Eve. Harry Potter Christmas was on. Thanks to this wiki and Gryffinitter, we determined the xmas dinner menu from Sorcerer's Stone to be
  • hundreds of roast turkeys
  • gravy
  • cranberry sauce
  • chipolatas
  • roast and boiled potatos
  • buttered peas
Obviously some substitutions had to be made.
  • roast turkeys became roast chicken, since there weren't enough people to eat a whole turkey
  • gravy we skipped, as there was no turkey
  • cranberry sauce became cranberry crunch, a favorite traditional Shabbos food, because nobody wants to eat cranberry sauce with chicken
  • I don't know where to find kosher chipolatas, so I made Dov's hotdog recipe instead. Same diff, right?
  • I only made 1 kind of potatos - roast. Nobody minded.
  • buttered peas became canned peas because we can't serve dairy at a meat dinner
We skipped the Christmas Pudding, and instead Rochel made Double Fudge Brownies, for the Fudge that Molly Weasley sent the boys, and Ayelet made Lemon Meringue Pie and Pumpkin Pasties, which were delicious. I also made Pumpkin Juice, which was pretty good.

To commemorate the 12 giant xmas trees that Hagrid decorated the Great Hall with, Rochel & I made 12 tiny xmas trees and decorated them with glitter glue. Unfortunately only 1 or 2 fit on the table with all the food, but they were really adorable on my coffee table!

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