madelinetosh meetup @ knitty city

The madelinetosh meetup was at Knitty City last night. It was very fun!

I didn't get any photos of the HUGE amount of yarn they had in stock, but it was a lot of yarn. 80lbs arrived yesterday - plus they had been stocking up for us. The shelves were full, there were 4 HUGE bags of yarn on the floor, and there was more in the back that you could ask GuyAtTheCounter (Zack?) about if you had a skein in hand.

It was really neat to meet so many people that I already knew through the Ravelry boards. Everyone was very cool, and we had a lot of fun discussing madtosh yarns, checking out all the colorways and looking at ways to combine them. I also got to meet a bunch of Knitty City "regulars" who were really awesome, and if it wasn't such a schlep for me I'd love to go more often :-/

Pearl is the best! She arranged for us to Skype with Amy at Madtosh:

It was very crowded around the computer as Amy answered all our questions. Her dyeing process sounds really interesting. She said that Earl Grey is going retail whenever someone orders it, but I'm not a neutrals person, so I was more interested when she described Sugar Coated as MGP for people who like primary colors. (My SC arrived today and I think that's accurate!) I missed the official answer straight from Amy, but someone relayed that Sport and MCN are going retail, in the Fall and sometime this year respectively.

After a lot more time chatting and fondling yarn:

We made our selections and headed out to dinner.

I picked out some yarn to make a Cosette Wrap, 2 skeins of Bloomsbury and 1 Norway Spruce in Dk:

Some Mulled Wine (love that color!) and Dahlia to either make another, or a heavyweight Akimbo shawl, and 2 skeins of Well Water TML because it was SO pretty. It'll grow up to be a shawl someday, if Moutons doesn't claim it from me first!

We closed Cosi down afterwards chatting about, well, stuff. You want to know what we talked about, you shoulda been there! lol.

Caliknitta kindly let me hop in her cab to the East Side, and I made it back to Queens by 11:30, too tired to do anything but shower (it was so freaking muggy all day) and go straight to bed.

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