old friends and new tricks

I can't believe I didn't blog about this!

So last May (and I know it was May only because of my project page) I had Jury Duty. I was super excited because it was my first time on Jury Duty, and I like new experiences. I asked a whole bunch of friends and family what to expect and was told lots of sitting around and wanting to leave, but I was undaunted! When I called the hotline Monday night & they told me I had to go in the next day, I was psyched. I prepared - me, prepared! - a whole bunch of knitting projects, a book or three, charged my ipod, and then I even left the house on time. I parked ok, got to the metal detector, and mini-disaster struck: no knitting needles allowed! They said to go leave my knitting stuff in my car - good thing I was slightly early :) - but that crochet was ok. Well fine, I didn't really want to crochet my acorn (it was coming out wonky even then), but thank goodness I had it.

(See, not thrilling, right?)

Anyways, about 30 minutes into the opening schpiel about doing our civic duty and everything, I was happily crocheting away and I noticed a woman sitting a few rows up knitting a sock. After the talk when everyone dispersed, I moved my seat over near her, and we were happily knitting and crocheting away when another sock knitter found us! They commiserated about my trouble with security, I admired their very nice-looking socks, and we hung out all day. We even got called up to the same potential jury pool but they only needed 1 guy. During our lunch break we walked to Garden City Stitches together. It was very fun! We got dismissed at about 3:30, and it was really much better than going to work for the day. Best Jury Duty ever!

Last night Gryffinitter invited me to her Spinning Guild. Her friend Alphawave, who she taught to knit, was recently elected president, and did a good job of going over guild business and explaining some stuff to the n00bs. Then there was a really interesting talk about Mohair from one of the Guild Members. I always thought mohair meant scratchy, hairy (ugly!) sweaters, but that's completely innacurate! It was sooooo interesting. And all the while, I was spinning away on my little Drop Spindle, using some great fiber I received in an HSKS from Sara. Fun night! Afterwards, I met the Sock Tsarina! (::swoon:: I love her patterns! And Rachel talks about her sock club All. The. Time., which I love). She was as cool as Rachel & Gryffinitter described, and when I mentioned that I knew Rachel from Panera, she mentions the Sunday Panera that they do, and points out two friends of hers from that Panera group.

One of whom, of course, was one of my Jury Duty friends! So now I have to go one Sunday, because a) I was invited b) JDf is very cool and c) as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I enjoy new experiences, and from what I've heard the Sunday group is a blast.

As for my new trick, I ordered some yarn off Etsy and didn't completely love it. Someone on Ravelry was looking for 1 more skein for a big project, so I PM-ed her about a destash. Learning to let go... a very good thing :)

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