in other news

... Ann got a pattern published, in a real book!  It's called The Joy of Sox.  Of course I ordered one, and you should too!  I'm nowhere near skilled enough to knit her sock pattern but there's a couple in the book I want to try.  They are interesting (and pretty!).

... I am playing volleyball at work.  We had a game last night - well, we play 3 games in a row, so I guess you would say that we had a match last night?  I joined the team as a complete beginner and have attended all-but-one practice, and last night I sucked the least I've ever sucked at volleyball!  I might not even be the worst player on the team anymore :)  Our coaches-slash-managers from the "A" team said we might actually win a game this season - I'm told the "B" team didn't win a single game last season, so that's actually a compliment.  I think.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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