scarf travels

An update on my Scarf Travels:
Ronnica asked me to help moderate the Scarf Travels group, along with herself, MissLucy and Netta.  I'm keeping an eye on the International Group - the only group I'm in.  So far my group is the best!  Of course :)  For the first mailing, we had everyone mail by the Monday after the Friday deadline and all but 2 scarves have been acknowledged as received.  I gotta check on those two others today.

I decided what to do with my scarf!  I am using the Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern, and some beautiful Colinette yarn called Cadenza, in the Jay colorway because it's gorgeous and it reminds me of mermaids and the ocean.  My scarf went out 4/5 and Nancy already let me know that it was received.  Phew!

Ronnica's scarf came Friday, but since I'm having them mailed to work and I was out last Friday, I just saw it today.  She did a pretty Entrelac pattern with Patons Soy Wool Stripes.  I have no idea what I'm going to do next on her scarf, but I'm sure it'll turn out okay.

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