dragons beads and stinky sox

Elle and MJ talked me into this online game called Dragon Cave. I'm still learning the ropes and it's already cutting into my knitting time, so I might have to stop playing soon. But for now, meet my dragon posse:

Adopt one today! Michaelangelo
Adopt one today! Lucky
Adopt one today! Spike
Adopt one today! Sky
Adopt one today! Ivy II
Adopt one today! Lava Junior
Adopt one today! Splashface

In more interesting, knitting-related news, I taught myself how to knit with beads and started a ridiculously tiny Beaded Amulet Purse. My first attempt kinda sucked because I didn't realize I was supposed to slip the beads on the WS rows also. It's not essential for aesthetic reasons, but because otherwise the spacing gets wonky. I was almost halfway done with the thing but I was good and frogged it. Now I'm nearly back to where I was before frogging.

(This was taken before the frogging, but it looks pretty much the same now)

Tuesday night I went to the Yankees Red Sox game. We were winning in the first inning, see?

Sigh. At least the sky was beautiful. It was probably my last game in Yankee Stadium, so I took a whole bunch of photos. I'm going to miss that place. I finally learned where our seats are, and now we're leaving. Oh well...

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