good thing i called first

I found a really cute FO on Ravelry, and I wanted to order the pattern for it. So I called the store in California that prints and sells the leaflet. $6 for 1 pattern? Okay. Even though I know I could make up something very similar on my own, I want to support the independent business. And actually Teri wanted one too, so I was ordering 2.

The salesgirl on the phone didn't know the cost of shipping, well first she was just going to ring me up without charging but I had to mention it. Stupid me. So anyway, she tells me it's like a few bucks but she 's going to call me back with the exact amount, when the owner walked in. I hear the salesgirl tell the owner that I called to order 2 patterns, and ask her how much shipping is. The owner is like, there's a flat shipping rate of $9. The salesgirl is like, Nine dollars just to mail two patterns? I couldn't hear the rest of the convo, but she came back with $2.50.

And I thought the Dark Mark Yarn Shop* was bad.... Now I want to see what $2.50 worth of envelope looks like ;)

*the new codename for my LYS


Marla said...

$2.50 of envelope must look A LOT better than $9 worth of envelope, that's for sure! :)

setembrina said...

at least with my shipping cost you know it is coming priority...

$9.00 for two patternes is a rip-off

$2.50 should be first class hand stamp

did you get the pattern yet?