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This is going to be my knitting and crocheting blog. About knitting and crocheting and yarny things. Because writing stuff in the project pages of my Ravelry projects just doesn't cut it anymore, and I like the organization of a blog better anyway. I'm going to *try* to steer clear of non-knitting events in my life so that I can keep this Ravelry-friendly. Some of my friends IRL are my Ravelry friends, and what they don't know about my crafty hobbies won't hurt me.

Some organizational info: I have 3 different "types" of fiber projects.
  • projects that I only knit or crochet at home. these are worked on in bursts and it might take 2 days to finish a ginormous messenger bag
  • portable projects that I knit while in transit/in public. will be worked on slowly and steadily until their completion. If I'm going away for a day or two these will get finished very quickly, otherwise it's a process.
  • projects that start out as "home" projects and transition to transit projects, or vice versa. This only happens when I have lots of home projects and no transit projects, or vice versa. Usually crossovers are rare.
I like crocheting and knitting equally. There are things that I only crochet and others that I only knit. Hats are almost never crocheted. Afghans and doilies are never knitted. When I teach people their first fiber art, I start with knitting. My logic is that once you can manipulate 2 needles, 1 hook is not intimidating whereas the transition from 1 to 2 is difficult and intimidating.

One day I'd love to write The n00b's guide to fiber arts, with all the do's and dont's and what the heck does this mean?s of starting out to knit and crochet, based on the questions I've gotten while spreading the fiberlove. We'll see how that goes :D

Welcome to Dark Rhubarb!

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